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Andrew Ormston

Director of Drew Wylie Projects - research, evaluation, planning and project development across the cultural and creative industries.
Cultural Expert & Quality Expert for the EU Creative Europe Programme.

Andrew is an experienced consultant, researcher and senior manager. He has worked as Director of Culture for Birmingham and in Central London, and has directed a range of theatres, festivals and concert halls. His current work includes:

1. Strategic review and planning for the cultural and creative industries. Current projects include a mapping of the cultural and creative industries for Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership, and a review of the Scottish Literature Sector for Creative Scotland.

2. Evaluation and review of programmes, projects and organisations. Recent projects include: evaluating a major AHRC funded project Staging the Renaissance Court for Brunel and Edinburgh universities; major capital project proposals for Creative Scotland; EU project submissions; and working as Critical Friend for England’s Creative People and Places programme.

3. Project development in cross sectorial and trans-disciplinary settings. Current and recent projects include: Sensing Place film, technology & storytelling project with UK Film; arts, place and biodiversity project with Kew Gardens and the Greenspace Network; arts and science with ASCUS; and the arts and healthcare project, 100 Flowers, with NHS Clyde and Greater Glasgow.

4. Culture as an instrument of physical and social regeneration. Experience has included leading initiatives with Birmingham’s Eastside regeneration programme, Reading’s award winning Art at the Centre programme, Gallery 37 creative apprenticeships, and major capital schemes, including Old Town Concert Hall and Museum.

Main research fields:
  • Access / participation
  • Architecture / city planning
  • Cultural policies / arts administration
  • Economics / creative industries
  • European cooperation / integration
  • Impact studies / evaluation
  • Literature / publishing
  • Perform. arts (music, theatre, dance)
Institutional background:
  • Arm's-length bodies (e.g. cultural institutes)
  • Artists' organisations and initiatives
  • Arts and heritage institutions
  • Consultancies
  • European networks/advocacy bodies (NGOs)
  • Foundations
  • National Governments and agencies
  • Official European/Inter-governmental bodies
  • Professional organisations or institutions
  • Regional or local public bodies
  • Universities/Academic institutes


Drew Wylie Projects